As a knowledge-based association, AIHA is committed to exploring and supporting meaningful volunteer opportunities for all. The AIHA Board recognizes that the volunteer groups are the lifeblood of the association and appreciates the work being conducted by the volunteers. As we have done with other program areas, it's time to assess our volunteer group community to identify pain points and explore ways to improve processes and enhance the member volunteer experience.

A sustainable and vibrant volunteer community requires the need to look at critical success factors, applying best practices and fostering activities that support the pillars of the AIHA National strategic plan. The Board is calling for the formation of this new task force to be populated via “Open Call” process and provide recommendations to the Board. The work of this task force is critical as it will incorporate the five pillars of the current AIHA Strategic Plan:

  • Community
  • Awareness
  • Advance and Dissemination of Knowledge
  • Integrity of the IH Practice
  • Advocacy

Task Forc​​e Responsibilities:

  • The collection and synthesis of pertinent information that will add to the knowledge base of how volunteer groups are structured and what outcomes are being achieved.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Based on SWOT analysis, develop clear and concise recommendations that will serve to modernize and enhance the volunteer experience.

Time Comm​itment:

  • One (1) hour town hall call (October)
  • Five (5) one-hour conference calls (November - March)
  • Specific assignments, determined by task force members (November)
  • Initial recommendations to the Board (May 2020)
  • Final recommendations to the Board (July 2020)


  • Must be an AIHA member.
  • Ability to:
    • be thoughtful, deliberate, and decisive;
    • work collaboratively in a diverse group setting;
    • professionally handle differences of opinion and seek to understand both sides of an issue;
    • speak with one voice, one message in support of the decisions once made;
    • to represent the profession, versus a practice area or volunteer group;
    • to think both long term and strategically as well as short-term and tactically;
  • Agree to open conversation and respect the confidentiality of discussions that may take place during task force meetings or via correspondence.


Professional Community: At present, there are 48+ technical, working groups, SIGs, and professional development committees that comprise the Professional Community. Each group is led by four officers, including a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Past Chair; secretary is an elected position. Officers rotate on an annual basis at AIHce EXP. The members of the committee must be AIHA members in good standing and are classified in two ways:

  • Active—working on a project (earn ½ cm point)
  • Corresponding—not working on a project (no cm points)

Purpose: To work together with the Association to achieve the mission and vision through:

  • facilitation of networking and information exchange among members;
  • development of products, services, and activities for educational purposes;
  • development of guidelines and standards for good practice;
  • development of statements to contribute to public policy debates;
  • collaboration with other allied organizations.

Ties to Strategic Plan: The volunteer groups have a significant role in helping the Association achieve all elements of the strategic plan.​​

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Submission Form

Applications will be accepted until close of business on Friday, September 6. Self-nominations are accepted.