Purpose and Objectives

We’re looking for volunteers to serve on the 2020 AIHA Board Nominating Committee!

Last year, the AIHA Board of Directors revised the Board Nominations Policy to reflect AIHA’s commitment to transparency and diversity. We are now using an open-call process to add four (4) at-large members to the Board Nominating Committee. We’re looking for people who are active AIHA Full Members and who are committed to helping us find the best nominees for Board officer and director positions.

The task of the Board Nominating Committee is to nominate candidates for election as officers and directors of the Association:

  • Two (2) nominees for Vice-President,
  • Two (2) nominees for Secretary-Elect or Treasurer-Elect (depending on the year – this year we’ll nominate two candidates for Secretary-Elect), and
  • Four (4) nominees for two vacant director positions

Nominating Committee Composition

Committee consists of seven (7) members total (not including the AIHA CEO). Standing members of the committee will be the immediate Past President (who serves as chair), the Vice-President, and a senior at-large director, such as someone in their third year of service on the Board, appointed by the Past President. In addition, the President and the CEO will serve as ex-officio to the committee.

The remainder of the committee will consist of four (4) AIHA Full members in good standing, selected through this open call process.

Board Nominating Committee Selection Process

The criteria for selection to the Board Nominating Committee are basically the same as those for eligibility for nomination as a Board officer or director position:

  • Full Member in good standing
  • Skills, Abilities & Time to Contribute to the Association
  • Leadership Style (i.e., team player; speak with one voice)
  • Vision for AIHA
  • Vision for Profession
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Professional Accomplishments
  • Good Public Representative for the Association

Additional desirable characteristics include a willingness to actively participate and a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. All committee members will be required to disclose in writing any actual or potential conflicts of interest.

Board Nominating Committee Responsibilities

Acceptance of appointment should be based on the time commitment required and a willingness and ability to activity participate in meetings and assignments. Board nominating committee members are expected to:

  • Provide a timely review of materials provided, including nominee applications, and preparation for each committee meeting
  • Regularly participate in Board Nominating Committee teleconference calls (alternates/substitutes are not permitted). It is important that you are able to make all scheduled calls!

When a decision requires a vote of the Nominating Committee, each member shall have one vote. The Chair will vote only if necessary to break a tie.

Please note that there is no travel associated with service on this committee; all business will be conducted by teleconference and email.

General Time Commitment

The timeframe for this commitment is primarily limited to two months (November and December). However, it’s critical that deadlines within that timeframe be met so that the entire process can move forward without delay. The dates given below are subject to change:

ActivityDue By
"Open Call" Deadline for Board Nominating Committee (BNC) Members Sep 30
Board Approval of BNC Members Oct 11
BNC Kick-Off Conference Call to review process/candidate determination (estimate 1 to 2 hours) Nov 1
BNC Chair’s Email to All Nominees Requesting Them to Complete and Submit Applications Nov 1
BNC Interviews of Assigned Candidates (BNC Chair assigns responsibilities prior) Nov 18-29
Executive Office Sends out Poll to Schedule the Mandatory BNC Conference Call to Finalize Board Candidates Nov 25
BNC Completion of Ranking Matrix Due into Exec Office Dec 10
BNC Conference Call to Finalize Board Candidates (1 to 2 hours) THIS IS A MANDATORY CALL.
No Later Than Dec 13
Poll to Schedule Board Call to Ratify Slate No Later Than Dec 13
Board of Directors Call to Ratify Slate No Later than Jan 10, 2020
BNC Chair Calls to All Candidates Announcing Outcome of Board Vote. Executive Office emails official congratulations and regrets letters to all candidates during this time.Jan 10-15, 2020


  • Accountable to the AIHA Board of Directors.
  • Agree to uphold and abide by the AIHA Bylaws, Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct policies
  • Treat the Nominating Committee materials and deliberations as confidential.

Applications will be accepted until close of business on Monday, October 10. Self-nominations are accepted.

Application Form

Note: * = a required field.

Are you an AIHA member in good standing?
Can you commit to the time required?
Please submit a resume that includes information outlining the following:
• Industry sectors currently and previously worked (corporate, academia, consulting, government)
• History of involvement in various AIHA volunteer groups
• Areas of professional practice and specialty