Local Section Council

The Local Sections Council (LSC) is a forum for local sections to discuss issues of interest or concern, and through this structure, communicate these issues to the AIHA Board of Directors.

The president and president-elect of each local section is a member of the Local Sections Council. Voting privileges are granted to each local section president. The LSC meets annually at AIHce EXP during the Local Sections Council Business Meeting.

If you're a president of your local section and are unable to attend the meeting, please fill out a proxy form. The proxy form will assign voting rights to the officer/substitute representing your local section at the Local Sections Council Business Meeting.

Mission Statement

The Local Sections Council's (LSC) mission is to promote continued effectiveness and efficiency of AIHA local sections, to serve as a liaison among local sections, and to provide collective local section positions to the AIHA Board and national AIHA office.

LSC Charter

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities and goals and objectives of the Local Sections Council, review their charter.


The Local Sections Council is led by the following officers:

  • Chair: John R. Moore III, CIH, CSP

  • Vice Chair: Hillary B. Waterhouse, CIH
  • Past Chair: Bruce A. Donato, CHMM, CSP, CECD​
Roles and Responsibilities