Table of Contents by Issue


President's Message: Better Service for Local Sections
By Cynthia A. Ostrowski, AIHA President

Ethics: Revisiting Ethics and Confidentiality
By Jeff Throckmorton and Mark Katchen

Feature: The "Right" PPE
By Jeff Behar and Paul E. Allen

Feature: Part of the Sample
By Martin Harper

Feature: Revealing Hidden Risks
By Jeanne Fallon-Carine and Gretchen N. Hancock

By the Numbers: Rates of Carpal Tunnel in California Workers

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President's Message: Achieving Operational Excellence
By Cynthia A. Ostrowski, AIHA President

Controls: The New Standard for Local Exhaust Ventilation
By D. Jeff Burton

Feature: The Dual-Employer Relationship
By Lorraine Sedlak and David Hicks

Feature: Leveling the Field
By Martin Harper

Feature: Quartz-Busters
By Francisco Trujillo, Donald Ewert, and Corey Bender

By the Numbers: Nurses, PPE, and Antineoplastic Drugs

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President's Message: Focus on the Future
By Cynthia A. Ostrowski, AIHA President

Board Perspective: A Reset for AIHA’s International Outreach
By Kathy Murphy, AIHA President-elect

Letters: How Bleach Is Regulated

Feature: Mortal Exposures
By Eva M. Glosson and Kat Gregersen

Feature: Active Health and Safety
By Thomas Slavin

Feature: A Nomogram for Lab Hoods
By D. Jeff Burton

By the Numbers: The Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster

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President's Message: Calling All Volunteers
By Cynthia A. Ostrowski, AIHA President

Ethics: Responses to “Revisiting Ethics and Confidentiality”

Feature: Performing Legionella Source Risk Assessments
By J. David Krause

Feature: Protecting Home Healthcare Aides
By James D. McGlothlin and Colin J. Brigham

Feature: Forgotten Workers
By Gary Bangs, William S. Carter, and Rashed MD Mahfuzullah

By the Numbers: Silicosis Among Stoneworkers in Queensland, Australia

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President's Message: A Strong Foundation
By Cynthia A. Ostrowski, AIHA President

Ethics: Ethics and Scope of Work
By Alan Leibowitz

Risk: A Holistic Approach to Risk
By Julie Roth

Feature: Can Ergonomics Programs Help Solve the Opioid Crisis?
By Ann Marie Dale, Brad Evanoff, Matt Macomber, Mary O’Reilly, Jonathan Rosen, and Scott Schneider

Feature: Electronic Cigarettes and the IH
By Cheri Marcham and Jack Springston

Feature: NAFTA's Lessons
By Barbara J. Dawson

By the Numbers: Chemical Risk Assessments for TSCA

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Controls: Using Plans and Specifications
By D. Jeff Burton

Risk: A Holistic Approach to Risk, Part 2
By Julie Roth

Feature: Legionella Regulations in New York
By Megan Canright, Madeleine Rebullida, David Kahn, and John Martinelli

Feature: The Number-One Response Priority
By Aaron L. Riutta, Dana Stahl, and Brian Haynack

Feature: A New Approach to the Exposure Sciences
By Richard Hartman and Mark Oxley

By the Numbers: The Global Toll of Occupational Accidents and Diseases

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President’s Message: Modern Governance
By Kathleen S. Murphy

Viewpoint: EPA’s New Environmental Lead Hazard Standards
By Kenneth T. (Kenn) White and Derek Popp

Letters: Praise for “Mortal Exposures”

Ethics: Responses to “Ethics and Scope of Work”

Special Section: Minneapolis Memories
By Kay Bechtold and Ed Rutkowski

Feature: Pure Management
By Bob Lieckfield, Jr.

Feature: Assessing Hazardous and Highly Potent Drug Exposures in Nontraditional Workplaces
By Matthew J. Meiners and Donna s. Heidel

Feature: A New Method for Whole-Air Sampling
By Ryan F. LeBouf, Dru A. Burns, Anand Ranpara, and Alan Rossner

By the Numbers: A Final Rule for Lead in Dust

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