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Currently featured in the September 2019 Synergist

People, Product, Planet

The Confluence of Industrial Hygiene, Product Stewardship, and Sustainability

Product stewardship has become an increasingly viable career path for industrial hygienists and other professionals engaged in sustainability. To get a sense of the ways IH, sustainability, and product stewardship intersect, The Synergist interviewed three professionals with experience in each of these vocations.

From Consciousness to Conscience

The Convergence of Sustainability and Industrial Hygiene

Demonstrating a robust and effective health and safety program is foundational in organizational sustainability. Documented compliance with applicable regulations, development of comprehensive risk management strategies, and status reporting around key program performance indicators are other examples of the direct link between IH and sustainability.

A Modeling Toolbox for Product Stewards

How to Develop an Aptitude for Exposure Assessment Modeling

With the growth of industry’s sustainability and product stewardship programs, traditional industrial hygiene practices may increasingly extend beyond the workplace environment. The same approaches for assessing risk and identifying risk management options may also apply to downstream users of chemicals and products.

Digital Extra: The Respirator Fit Capability Test

Enhancing the Efficacy of Filtering Facepiece Respirators

In 1919, the United States Department of Mines initiated the nation’s first respirator certification program. In observance of this anniversary, The Synergist and NIOSH present this digital supplement to the September 2019 issue, which discusses the development of a new voluntary standard for ensuring the proper fitting of respirators.

Features from the August 2019 Synergist

Pure Management

How to Apply Risk-Based Thinking in Laboratories

ISO/IEC 17025 introduces the concept of "risk-based thinking," a management model that places responsibility for defining and organizing a laboratory's policies and procedures directly on laboratory management. How should labs implement risk-based thinking to meet the standard's requirements?

Sampling for Drugs in Uncontrolled Environments

Assessing Hazardous and Highly Potent Drug Exposures in Nontraditional Workplaces

Illicit manufacture and use of opioids have led to concerns that workers in uncontrolled environments as well as the general public are at risk for potential exposures. What can we learn from the pharmaceutical industry about assessing exposure risks to hazardous drugs, including illicit drugs, in these uncontrolled environments?

A New Method for Whole-Air Sampling

NIOSH Method 3900 for Sampling Volatile Organic Compounds Using Evacuated Canisters

Whole-air sampling into evacuated canisters requires no prior knowledge of air concentrations. Canisters can handle chemical air concentrations ranging from sub-part per billion to part per million, and the technique is amenable to a wide range of compounds.

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