NOTE: Before you click on a link below, be sure you have all your supporting documentation ready to complete the form – you cannot return to the form, but will have to start all over if you cannot complete the form in one sitting. In order to complete the AIHA Board Nominations form below in one sitting, you will need:

  • Nominee’s contact info​rmation
  • Nominator’s contact information
  • Details about Nominee’s leadership style and how that will impact the AIHA BoD
  • Nominator’s experience working with the nominee
  • Details about nominee’s contribution to AIHA and to the profession
  • Details about nominee’s strengths.
  • Resume/CV of nomi​nee​​​

Being a Director is an important responsibility with significant career enhancing rewards. On average, the duties of Director take approximately 5-10 hours per month. Additionally, the Board meets face-to-face four times a year (late February, AIHce in late May/early June, mid to late July, mid November in conjunction with Leadership Workshop weekend).

A Director shall serve one (1) three-year term of office.

General duties of a board member include:


  • Represents the broad membership of the organization
  • Acts in the best interests of AIHA in all board decisions
  • Establishes a vision and outlines goals to reach the vision
  • Articulates the mission and sustains the vision
  • Ensures effective organizational planning is in place
  • Enhances the organization’s public standing
  • Communicates with AIHA leadership (VG chairs, LS presidents, etc.) about important decisions affecting AIHA
  • Represents AIHA in a professional manner to groups inside and outside of AIHA
  • Creates and sets policy


  • Develops, adopts and provides direction on strategic plans and budgets
  • Prepares for meetings, votes on ballots between meetings, and serves on task forces as assigned
  • Monitors overall operations, including oversight and evaluation of goals achievement
  • Creates and dissolves committees
  • Sets financial goals, ensures resources are appropriately managed, and allocates resources to meet goals
  • Provides feedback to CEO directly or through a group of the Board which assists in selecting and retaining a CEO
  • Provides feedback and input about programs, products, education and services at the strategic level
  • Assists in recruiting, orienting and mentoring new board members
  • Partners and communicates well with staff to ensure clarity of roles
  • Participates in meetings and conference calls around strategic issues

Board nominations are due by November 1, 2019.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you are unable to complete the online nominations form below, please complete and email this form to


Please contact Lynae Brown at AIHA headquarters 703-846-0787 or at Thank you.

AIHA Director Nomination Form

You must be a member to submit a nomination.

All nonmember nominations will not be accepted.

If you are self-nominating:

What is the your leadership style and how will this positively impact the AIHA board of directors?
Describe contributions you have made to the organization and/or the profession.
What do you define as your key strengths?
Referring to the AIHA strategic plan (link below), which of the five domains do you feel you could advance (select as many as you would like).
Do you have a future interest in considering an officer role on the Board?

If nominated by another member:

What is the candidate’s leadership style and how will this positively impact the AIHA board of directors?
What is your experience working/volunteering with this person?
Describe contributions the nominee has made to the organization and/or the profession?
What are the strengths of this individual?
Referring to the AIHA strategic plan (link below), which of the five domains do you feel s/he could progress or advance (select as many as you would like)?